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This is the first of many podcast to come. We are Mountains to the Sea Ministries and we are here to help the lost, addicted, and broken out of the storms of life. My name is Chrissy and my husband is Pastor Nick. We look forward to hearing from you if you are in need of support.

“So, podcasts are not really my thing,” said Pastor Chrissy. “My husband Nick is the speaker between us. But I would like to say Hello to everyone and let you know I am available anytime via text, phone call, or email. I understand the heartache on both sides of the addiction fence and I am always available to lend a non-repeating ear.”

“This may be one of the shortest podcast ever though because I run out of things to say, ha ha ha.” She laughingly said. “I can tell you all about Jesus though and there’s not enough time in this introduction to do that. Anyway, I am very excited to bring exceptional content to you and hope to hear feedback as well.”

“Let’s pray. Father God, you are bigger than any issue, trouble, problem or disaster that will ever come our way and I thank you for that. Thank you for being God and helping me understand that I am not. Abba, I lift up every listener to you in you precious son Jesus’ name and ask that you would bless each one as they go about their day today. You know every hair on ever head out there, for you created them all. You created every person for a divine purpose that will glorify you and I give you all the praise! Thank you Lord for Grace, Mercy and forgiveness in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen.”

“Thank you for allowing me to pray for you today and thank you for tuning in to this very short first ever podcast of Mountains to the Sea Ministries. I hope your day is Blessed.”

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Throughout my life, everyday has been an adventure and today is no exception.

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