Homeless Addicted Veteran to Recovered Disciple of Jesus

We love to share success stories with you and this one is beautiful indeed.

He was a veteran suffering from PTSD and coping with life the only way he knew how: Self Medicating. He would self medicate with alcohol, drugs, or anything else that would temporarily ease or numb the thoughts that plagued his mind after the service. He self medicated his way out of his home, his job, and his life as usual.

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He found himself on the streets in Daytona Beach, homeless, alone and unsure of life. He knew there had to be better; there had to be more. He had tried the “recovery thing” before and it would last for a little while, but somehow he always made his way back to the bottle. This time would be different though. This time, he sought the only true higher power – Jesus Christ.

First, he got off the street and into a sober house. Then he entered into discipleship (sponsorship) with one of the pastors at Mountains to the Sea Ministries. He set up several mentoring sessions and began a new walk. Mountains to the Sea Ministries provided him with food, assistance with shelter, and helped get his phone turned back on. His M2Sea mentor provides transportation for him to meetings and church services regularly. They talk everyday and read the bible together.

As his relationship with Christ is growing, his circumstances are improving. He is beginning to share the love of Jesus with others. He needed transportation to apply for work, so the Pastor provided him with a monthly bus pass. Within days, he was hired at a local eatery and is contributing to the community and economy.

Being able to contribute, give back or serve others seems like such a tiny thing to some people, but it’s huge in recovery. You see, the labels he wore have been erased by Grace.

His PTSD has not completely disappeared, but he is learning how to take it to the foot of the cross and leave it there. He is healthier, happier, and best of all sober and saved! He is grateful to everyone who has helped him along his journey. Although he has come a long way, he still has a long way to go.

When you donate to Mountains to the Sea Ministries, you become part of someone’s story. You provide assistance through a vetted process to help deliver Veterans, Widows, widowers and many others an opportunity to get back on their feet.

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