Get Involved

Are you ready to get involved?

One of the easiest way to get involved is through giving. We are collecting donations to enable the ministry to provide basic needs in the community that benefit an unlimited number of individuals and families. We believe that community is important for all people and especially the family of Christ. Through community, we encourage each other and lift one another up when a believer falls through the cracks.

To donate via paypal click here.

You can also donate your spare change through Round-Up. (Click below)

If you are looking for a sign to donate, here it is!

When you donate to Mountains to the Sea Ministries, you are providing help to someone in your local neighborhood who has a silent need. A need that they don’t or can’t speak of.  A need that the body of Christ can fill not just with physical gifts, but also through covering in prayer and Jesus’ love. We strive to provide for each other as the body did in the book of Acts in Chapter 2.  Do you want to join our community? Fill out the form below and email us.  One of the Pastors will reach out to you asap!

There are several volunteer opportunities available. Please reach out to us here. We would love to explain the next steps. You can also use this form for prayer, concerns, issues, comments, or compliments.