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Storms of Life Bible Study

What is Storms of Life?

Storms of Life Fellowship meetings are a support group/Bible study type format. We look to the Bible for all answers and pray to God for resolutions.

Why is the name Storms of Life?

A Storm of Life is any situation that you are faced with that is challenging to your mind, heart or body. Some of the recent Storms of Life we have seen in the group include: PTSD, Addiction & Recovery, Depression, Grief & loss, Isolation and feeling alone, Illnesses and Medical journeys, and some people that just simply have a God sized hole in the heart that are unable to fill the hole with worldly things.

Who is this group for?

Everyone!! You don’t have to be “churchy” or scholarly to attend a Storms of Life meeting. We believe we can help support each other through the various Storms of Life by previous experiences leaning on the word of God. We are all going through a storm, have been through a storm or are on our way into a storm. That means, we all have something to offer.

What happens at a meeting?

Come on in and find out! We gather on Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm. Dress is casual. Hot Coffee is served. Cold Sweet Tea is available and there are always sweets to eat! Bring your bible and let’s connect. If you don’t have a Bible, one can be provided to you.


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