Hurricane Update

Hurricane Idalia came through Northern Florida on 8/30/2023. Wellspring is located in O’Brien FL which was on the edge of the hurricane’s track. We did experience very strong winds, many downed trees, as well as lost water and power for several days. Having made provisions for the storm well in advance, we were not as affected as thousands others in the community. As soon as the storm passed, we began clearing the trees. The building was protected by God and there was no visible damage to the structure that we could determine. Here are a few before/after photos of some of the trees down on property.

After working to clear the trees on property (with a beautiful hearted volunteer on the first day), Pastor Nick had a heart to help other affected in the community. He visited several neighbors in the area and many stated they were “okay”. He then began to reach out to neighbors in the Live Oak area. Live Oak FL was hit hard from Hurricane Idalia. There are still residents that do not have water, power, gas, food or any provisions in Live Oak. He spent Sunday working with his chain saw cutting trees off vehicles and off houses.

Pastor Nick was overheard saying, “How can I go have a good time on Saturday or Sunday knowing that there are people in the community still suffering? I can’t do it… I just can’t.”

Thank you Pastor Nick for your efforts to help others in the surrounding communities!!

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