The Storms of Life Fellowship meetings have been a success! So, what’s in the name: “Storms of Life Fellowship” ? A Storm can represent a lot of things in life. A Storm is the opposite of calm. It is high energy, disruptive, stressful, anxious, depressing, just to name a few. Some “Storms of Life” can be prevented, others are times we simply need to endure through for our personal growth, spiritual growth, or relational growth. Our group has experienced the following storms collectively and we want to share with you how we did it!

Alcoholism, Drug addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Grieving, PTSD, Panic, Loneliness, Sense of Loss, Mental Health, and Suicide.

Storms of Life Fellowship and Recovery Church Ormond Beach

We invite all to gather with us who are facing a storm, going through a storm or just coming out of a storm.

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Throughout my life, everyday has been an adventure and today is no exception.

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